The Knowledge Platform

Chat with your documents and data

Tired of spending hours searching through documents to find the information you need? The Knowledge Platform is here to help. Our AI solution can be tailored to your specific domain and enables you to "chat" in natural language with your documents and data, receiving instant, accurate answers along with citations to sources in your documents.

With the Knowledge Platform at your fingertips, you'll have instant recall over all your important information, empowering you to work smarter and gain a competitive edge. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the Knowledge Platform can transform the way you work.

We Built The Knowledge Platform

To Solve Our Own Problems

Knowledge Example
Now It Can Solve Yours

The Knowledge Platform was built by the team at 10WESTADVISORS, an investment management firm, to utilize AI technology to unlock the knowledge in our documents and accelerate our workflows. We use the Knowledge Platform both to:

  • Ask questions in natural language of our internal knowledge base
  • Uncover insights across our various document and data sources
  • Harvest valuable intelligence from the constant stream of incoming investment information

When we saw the massive productivity gains enabled by an AI assistant with instant recall over all of our information, we wanted to bring this technology to other businesses. We believe that the Knowledge Platform can improve the productivity of any business, and we are excited to show you how.

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Implementation Services

We are firm believers in the immense potential of AI to increase productivity. We also believe that the true power of AI can only be harnessed through a customized solution that caters to the unique needs of each business. That's why we built the Knowledge Platform as a portable and modular system that can be fully tailored to your specific requirements. Our implementation services includes:

Understand Your Business Needs

Our priority is to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs. Through collaborative discussions, we will analyze your existing document base and explore the most effective ways to seamlessly integrate the Knowledge Platform into your workflow.

Customized AI Models

Our approach involves creating customized AI models that are tailored to the language used in your specific domain. By fine-tuning the underlying AI models of the Knowledge Platform, we ensure that it has a semantic understanding of your documents, resulting in more accurate and relevant insights.

Customized Deployment

We offer customized deployment options for the Knowledge Platform, allowing you to choose between on-premises or cloud-based deployment. We will work with you to ensure that all necessary business and compliance rules around your documents are followed.

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